The Heart of the High Peaks Region of the Catskill Mountains

Phoenicia Soap Co

Phoenicia Soap Co.

5371 Route 28
Mt. Tremper, 12457
Phone 845-688-8900

Phoenicia Soap Co. is located in the heart of the Catskills. People often come here to further their harmony with nature. The silhouettes on my soap labels symbolize things that make visiting the Catskills fun.

Phoenicia Soap products are plant based, using oils infused with botanicals wild-crafted or sustainably grown in the Catskills. We forego colorants and ingredients that harm people, water, and land. We minimize packaging too.

Phoenicia Soap Co. Maker’s Space

Phoenicia Soap Co is expanding from its skin care line to a new Makers Space with DIY customizable bath and spa goods, zero waste brands, locally made products, and a roster of parties for booking. Its new Makers Space launches May 7, from 11 to 5 at 5371 Route 28 in Mt. Tremper—across from the Emerson Resort. In addition to bath, spa, laundry, kitchen, pet and baby goods the Makers Space will offer daily DIY projects for visitors to personalize goods. Owner Babs Mansfield says, “People are hungry for new experiences. Me too! I’ve learned so many things from teaching soapmaking and plant distillation. Holding a space where I can learn from candle makers, perfumers, other soap handcrafters, etc., is a dream.”

Mansfield was originally inspired by her family to make soap and other skin care items. “I’ve nurtured a wide range of skins issues, from my daughter’s allergies and eczema to my son’s skin, damaged by cancer treatments. I couldn’t find a soap that both smelled great and was gentle enough for my family—so I made it.”

Babs Mansfield

Phoenicia Soap products are plant based, using oils infused with botanicals wild-crafted or sustainably grown in the Catskills. Phoenicia Soap minimizes packaging too. Mansfield adds, “the proliferation of plastic in our environment is linked to an increase in the number of people with allergies. The last thing I want to do is add to a problem I’m trying address.” In addition to low-and-zero waste personal care goods, the Makers Space will carry bath and home goods by brands like Chamarrel, East N’ Blue, Three Bluebirds, Hudson Valley Seed Co., and Me. Mother Earth, as well as local makers like Juniper Grove, Humble Heart Candles, Overlook Mt. Herbs, Head & Heal, Medicine Gardens, and many others. The Makers Space will also sell supplies and equipment for Makers.

“In addition to raw materials, I’ll be selling these big, copper alembic stills. They are gorgeous! The stills, and the live plants we will be distilling from really inform the design of the place.” Mansfield, part of the Hinterland Design Collective is working with Hinterland founder Jennifer L. Salvemini to create the Makers Space.

In addition to Mansfield, teachers Jennifer Juniper of Juniper Grove and Meg H. Brenner of Humble Hart candles will be on the immediate roster for party bookings. “We will add teachers, starting with local personal care and spa good makers, and then perhaps bring other experts into the area,” says Mansfield.

In addition to its Makers Space classes, Mansfield will continue teaching soapmaking at Ulster BOCES, and is holding distillation and DIY aromatherapy blending classes at the Emerson Resort April 16, May 28 and June 25th. Information on Makers Space classes and parties will be available at the May 7 launch in Mt. Tremper.