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he Route 28 Driving Guide is an hour-long audio accompaniment for a westward drive on New York Route 28, from Olive to Andes. Hear about the history, landscape, food, and attractions along the Catskill Mountains Scenic Byway.


Beginning the audio where Rt. 28 meets Rt. 375 (where Rt. 28 narrows from 4 to 2 lanes), and driving at or near the speed limit, will align audio content with featured locations along the route. However, driving the route is not necessary to enjoy the audio program.



Phoenicia NY - Catskill Mountains

"Once in a while, you discover a town that has everything-great coffee, food with character, shop owners with purpose." That's how Budget Travel described Phoenicia when they voted us one of the "Coolest Small Towns in America" in 2011.


But Phoenicia is more than just a collection of great restaurants and shops; it's not just who we are, but also where we are. Phoenicia is smack dab in the middle of the Catskill State Park, 700,000 acres of natural beauty, half of which has been designated as "forever wild."


We have miles and miles of unspoiled hiking trails, a scenic railway, secluded swimming holes, scores of local artists, world class skiing resorts. And of course, Phoenicia is the Tubing Capital of the World!


Phoenicia, NY is located in the Hudson Valley, just a 2 hour drive from New York City. So come on up for a visit! As Budget Travel said "You won't find a more charming slice of small town Americana than you will right here."







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